The only thing worse than not having sight is not having vision”.

Hellen Keller

Why on ink and braille?

We seek for the integration and coexistence between people through learning. This guide will allow for people with vision impairment to read with their hands through braille and at the same time, for people without this disability to read it. In this way, they complement each other.

What’s the campaign about?

The main goal of this campaign is to raise funds so we can create a Guide for Sustainability on ink and braille so everyone is able to access it. Including people with some form of vision impairment or blindness. This guide will be practical and easy to use. It will include a set of different actions that anyone can practice in their daily life that will help us reach a sustainable development.




*Note: The guide will be made until we reach our goal of collecting $600 thousand Mexican pesos, which is the amount we need in order to create it and make it reach people with vision disabilities through different stages of distribution.

This guide’s main objective is to raise awareness, inspire and motivate people to act. So we can all work together towards a better world with better conditions for every living being, where no one gets left behind.


Important facts:

  • In 2010, 285 millions of people in the world had vision disabilities, from which 39 millions where blind.
  • Blindness or vision weakness is the second cause of disability.
  • In Mexico, 5 out of 1000 people have a vision disability (approximately 600 thousand people) (INEGI)
  • In Mexico, 24.3% of the people with vision impairment who got a job, receive less than the minimum wage; 27.5% from one to two minimum wages and 4.2% from 5 to then minimum wages.
  • 51.7% of the population with visual impairment from 6 to 29 years old, do not attend school. While 32.2% of the amount of blind people in Mexico are illiterate.

Distribution Stages


  1. First stage: main libraries
  2. Second stage: organizations that help people with visual disabilities
  3. Third stage: girls and boys in elementary school that know how to use braille



How are we going to use the money?

The money we collect will be used mainly for the printing of copies on ink and braille and for its distribution to the main libraries, organizations or foundations from each state that nurse people with visual disabilities.

We will use the money for:

  • Edition and design
  • Braille adaptation
  • Printing of the copies on ink and braille
  • Illustrations
  • Distribution


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