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About us?


We are an NGO committed to Sustainable Development. We are dedicated to generate integral solutions so that the environment is respected, preserved, restored and at the same time the economic and social welfare increases.




We have the mission of making people aware of the global problems and participate to improve the conditions of present and future generations.



To be an organization that generates positive results at an environmental, cultural, social and economic level, through the execution of projects, the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experiences that contribute to a more sustainable world


Courses, workshops, training, diplomas, conferences, and diverse dynamic activities


Personal advice to organizations, companies and governments, for the development of innovative practices, cost reduction and risk management.

Action Research

We use the Participatory Action Research methodology to solve problems in the field of social intervention.

Actions y Experiences

Trained People

Thaught workshops, conferences and courses

Research Project – Biosphere Reserve – Querétaro

Project: Navigating through Cartagena

Project: Ambassadors for Sustainability





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